About Us - Painters and Decorators

Good day, and welcome to my website. My name's Scott Spencer and I started building and designing websites approximately 8 years back. In reality I am actually a security specialist by trade, and so the change to designing websites was a little drastic, having said that I fell into it quite successfully and these days it just seems to be "what I do". To tell the truth I find it a thrilling challenge, brainstorming strategies and applying them, now and again trying to earn some revenue from it and occasionally merely doing it just for fun. This particular website is a bit of both.

I believe that I am not the only person to have become irritated while viewing sites to get annoying pop-up windows that offer crap I don't want and newsletters I will never read, annoying adverts and promotions shoved down my throat that bears no resemblance to what I'm interested in, and also needing to sign up or sign in to accomplish almost anything at all on most sites. I bet that you feel just the same when the resultant spam emails start coming in and you have to burn up your precious time every day transferring that garbage to the waste bin?

My site is not dynamic hence stuff won't be constantly moving or take ages to fully load. You will not be expected to sign in or sign up and you will never receive any crappy e-mails or newsletters. You will possibly find a bit of advertising here, though it is not stuffed down your throat. And you will never get pop-ups you cannot get rid of.

Simple, easy to use websites will always be my intent, displaying content that is quick loading and don't contain garbage that you don't want or need. With luck I've accomplished that here and at least you will not have been irritated by your time here, maybe you'll even have valued the exercise. If so then I have triumphed in my work.

I am not a painter and decorator myself therefore please don't contact me with questions associated with painting and decorating or to obtain price quotes for decorating work, this site was made to steer you through the variety of ways to locate a trustworthy painter and decorator by yourself.

I do not recommend or endorse any individual service, I have merely suggested a few techniques for locating one, the decision is in the end yours.

I expect to to see you here once again sometime soon and thanks once more for visiting.